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Solar Engery

Design and installation of SOLAR electricity and SOLAR water heater systems. While specializing in 1KW grid connected systems, Fujiya Technologies can install systems capable of a higher capacity The 1KW solar electricity system installation has many benefits, and below are a few of these benefits:
A 1KW solar electricity system is the equivalent of taking 2 cars off the road every year, which results in the elimination of 12 tones of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere each year. It has the potential to cut your electricity bill by as much as 50% (depending on your electricity consumption).A solar power system such as the 1KW system will help to protect you from future energy price rises. With a fully working and installed 1KW solar power system, you will earn building energy efficiency points (BASIX).The introduction of solar electricity systems help to increase the value of your home, while making it more attractive to future buyers. The utilization of solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity that's capable of powering remote appliances or even partially powering your home or workplace.

There are two main forms of solar cells in existence today and these are "solar electricity panels" and "solar hot water panels". The two different technologies available allow you to either generate electricity or provide a hot water supply.

Solar Engery

Pressurized solar water heating system Compact pressurized solar water heating with copper coil in the tank
Inner tank: stainless steel 304-2B , 0.4mm thickness, dia, 360mm
Outer tank: Colour steel/stainless steel 201, 0.4mm thickness, 460mm
Insulation layer: 50-60mm polyurethane foam
Vacuum tube: common tube, three targets, three cavities
Bracket: stainless steel 202 /galvanized steel 1.5mm
You will get more cleaner water through the copper coiled inner tank

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