Spell Fujiya provides intruder detection systems for Commercial or Government Organizations and has many years experience in installing and servicing all types of Security Alarm systems. All products, prior to being supported by the company, are thoroughly tested by our technicians with regard to their features and in particular, to reliability. Spell Fujiya systems range from simple and easy to use general security systems, to some of the most complex system in Australia. The addition of Back- to-Base central monitoring for offices and factories means your premises is always being watched. Spell Fujiya also install major systems utilizing various technologies such as Video Motion Detection, Perimeter Protection and Closed Circuit television equipment.

Access Control

Access Control Systems can be stand alone or PC based, with proximity and Smart Card/MiFare readers. The Company has installed a variety of Access Control Systems from single door to multi door, major systems such as Hospitals, Universities, Police Stations, Courthouses and Detention Centre's. Spell Fujiya can provide a system to control all aspects of personnel movement. The recording of transactions through doors, gates, turnstiles or elevators is easily accomplished. Automatic control of lighting and air-conditioning can also be achieved. Spell Fujiya technicians have extensive experience with a number of different systems.

Auto Vehicle Security System

Spell Fujiya is offering a comprehensive arrange of Micro processor/remote control vehicle security system to its customers. No customer can afford to loose his beloved car, because the car is probably one of his most precious assets and he needs to protect it from theft.


Booms, gates, turnstiles, traffic barrier systems, Hydraulic Road Blocker,Tyer Killer, Bollards and a range of other automation equipment integrated to client's specifications and applications.

Features of Vehical Alarm System

Features of the car security system vary from system to system, however the consolidate features are as under:-
  • Remote start engine & turn on A/C or heater automatically.
  • Audible signal if not success in remote engine start.
  • Chip and light confirm Arm/Disarm.
  • Silent Arm/Disarm Remote control lock/unlock (if equipped)
  • Remote car location (auditable/visual)
  • Panic alarm for emergencies.
  • Car anti Robbery function to disable the vehicle by remote after 30 seconds.
  • Remote range up to 300 feet
  • Auto timer (Time Trap) in built (optional)
  • Ignition on (off) controlled door licking (unlocking)
  • Lock/unlock during driving.
  • Digital fix code by pass (optional)
  • Pager (optional)
  • Can be fitted in Patrol/Diesel vehicle.
  • Caution advising for improperly closed door.
  • Entrance protection. Immobilize engine during army status.
  • Auto re-arm if door is not opened in 60 second after disarm.